Our Brand Story Testing


It all began when our founder, Audra Gordon, met another color-loving traveler.


Their conversation about their shared love for bright colored clothing & her challenges finding colorful dresses – especially for off-season travels, sparked the idea of launching a fashion brand for bold women. Audra's love for vibrant fabrics began at an early age while growing up on the Caribbean Islands with her grandmother who was a seamstress. After years of designing for herself, she was inspired to create a collection that is simple but bold.

Our first collection, The Aurora Collection, was affectionately named after her late grandmother, Joycelyn Aurora. The names of each of our bold pieces, derived from beaches in Africa since the brand idea was born while she was traveling across the African Continent. As an avid traveler, her vision is to create lightweight pieces that are versatile and are suitable for women on the go. She also designs for women of all heights.


We design to inspire women to embrace their individuality

Beam Bold embodies freedom, individuality, and comfort.  Our effortless pieces are available with pockets and adjustable straps. We offer optional ties which allow you to use one dress to create different looks. Achieve even bolder looks by mixing and matching our separates to suit your mood and your lifestyle. Our colors compliment every skin tone.



We don’t just create beautiful pieces, we care about the environment.

Our knowledge of the effects of textile waste has profoundly influenced our Brand Direction. All of our pieces are made to last using only natural fibers. Our tags and packaging are made of natural or recycled materials. We design with extra seam allowance to allow our pieces to be adjusted. Our pre-order strategy supports our mission of reducing textile waste.

Length Options

At Beam Bold, maxi means maximum length for your height.

We believe that your dress choices should not be limited by your height. All of our pieces are available for pre-order in short, regular, and long lengths. Custom orders are also welcomed.

We are committed to providing an unlimited supply of the little bold dress.

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